Albanian Center for Civic & Sustainable Development Education

Mission and Goals

The mission of CEAPALNET is to encourage a responsible, informed, and engaged society towards the democratic principles as well as encourage citizens to get involved actively in politics while strengthening democratic attitudes and mechanisms for dialogue and conflict prevention.

CEAPALNET supports the philosophy of enabling and increasing of rights through education and systematic development, as well as a society where the participation of citizens guarantees accountability of the elected officials toward people and a more efficient process of governance.

CEAPALNET is dedicated to encouraging and developing of a responsible participation of the Albanian citizens in the public and political life who are engaged in protecting the democratic values and principles.

In order to fulfill these goals CEAPALNET conducts trainings, seminars and organizes events, competitions and study tours.

Target Groups and Partners

With its work, CEAPALNET aims at impacting various layers of the society and in particular the young professionals, intellectuals, politicians, academics, journalists, law professionals, minorities, and civic society activists.

We fulfil our objectives by collaborating with other non-profit organizations, institutions of public administration, schools, universities, international foundations and organisations, and partnerships incorporating various layers of the society.

Funding and Grants

CEAPALNET is funded on a project by project basis by public and private institutions, as well as donations.

However, the main financial assistance comes from the organization’s members in the form of time and effort they put into the work of the organization or its activites and services at the grassroots.

Anyone can participate in CEAPALNET, as a member or as a volunteer, because through many citizens’ involvement, it is not only the activities of the organization that will benefit but also the individuals participating in them.